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    Visit City :

    • Taipei
    • Yilan
    • Taoyuan
    • Hualien
    • Taitung
    • Pingtung
    • Kaosiung


    Visit Place :

    • National CKS Memorical Hall,
    • Jiufen,
    • Nan Fang Ao,
    • Nantien Temple,
    • Cisingtan Scenic Area.
    • Linzi & Tea Center,
    • Taroko National Park,
    • Taroko Memorial Arch Building,
    • EnternalSpring Temple,
    • Rei Suei Farm,
    • Via East Rift Valley,
    • Chihpen Hot Spring
    • Fruit Ranch,
    • Fo Guang Shan Buddha
    • Memorial Center,
    • Pearl Center,
    • Mei Non Hakka Village,
    • Spring & Autumn Pavilion,
    • Dragon & Tiger Tower,
    • Leo Ho NightMarket .
    • Aboriginal Product Shop,
    • Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area,
    • Wenwu Temple,
    • Fengjia Night Market.
    • Martyrs Shrine,
    • Handicraft Center,
    • 101 Shopping Mall,
    • Raohe Night Market


    Eveything you need to know about :

    Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, it is situated in the north of the island in the so-called Taipei Basin; mountain ranges filled with hot springs surround the city. The city’s appropriate name literally means “north of Taiwan”. Central Taipei is home to nearly 2.7 million people, has an area of 271.8 sq. km and is rich in leisure and recreation, cultural arts, heritage sites, and other attractions, it enjoys a superb geographical position and world renowned transportation networks and an comfortable climate all year round.
    In many ways this 300-year-old city is like a living museum. The Taoist temples buzz with the prayers of the hopeful; the wooden boards of Japanese-era mansions creak under the feet of visitors; and the pilfered treasures in the National Palace Museum date back 5000 years. Merchant villas to military barracks have been restored, reworked and now live again as a museum or a shopfront. From the heirlooms of a tea merchant to the memories of a cemetery for the victims of the White Terror, Taipei is a city that takes great pride in celebrating its history.


    The county is known for the purity of its air, earth, and water. Tourism has shot to the forefront of its economic drivers since the opening of National Freeway 5 in 2006. The drive from Taipei to Yilan now takes just 25 minutes, on a road that brooks no mountain obstacles, piercing right through their bodies, including the 12.9km-long Xueshan Tunnel, Taiwan’s longest and the world’s ninth-longest road tunnel. Reaching the Yilan end, you shoot out above the plain on its northern side, almost the whole of Yilan laid out before you, the sparkling jade-hue Pacific in glorious view off in the distance. Stay on the raised freeway and it delivers you to the plain’s southeastern region in another 20 minutes.\


    Rendered in English, Taoyuan means "peach blossom garden", though the flowers are no longer grown there. Because many foreign travelers and businessmen get stranded in Taoyuan from time to time, there's a surprising number of foreigner-friendly and more refined cafes and restaurants, shopping and department stores; there's even an IKEA!
    Excursions a bit outside of Taoyuan City make things more interesting, such as bungee jumping in Fuxing Township or getting custom-made fish at Shimen Dam (all of these locations are reachable via train).


    Hualien County has the largest area of all counties in Taiwan, and is located on the country's mountainous eastern coast. It is the northern terminus of the Hualien-Taitung Line and the southern terminus of the North-Link Line of the Taiwan Railway Administration. In the Provincial Highway System, Hualien County is connected to other counties via the Suhua Highway, Huatung Highway, Hualien-Taitung Coast Highway and the Central Cross-Island Highway. Hualien County is famous for tourism. Tourism spots include the Taroko National Park, Mugua River Gorge and Yushan National Park and its coastline is well suited for biking purposes. Hualien City is the county seat of Hualien County and has the largest population





    Taitung City is a county-controlled city and the county seat of Taitung County, Taiwan. It lies on the southeast coast of Taiwan facing the Pacific Ocean. Taitung City is the most populous subdivision of Taitung County and it is one of the major cities on the east coast of the island.
    Due to the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan, ground transportation to Taitung City is very limited. The city is served by Taitung Airport. Taitung is a gateway to Green Island and Orchid Island, both of which are popular tourist destinations.


    The interesting is Kaohsiungs’s port is the largest port of Taiwan. The crime rate in Kaohsiung is much lower than probably any city of comparable size in the west. Then, the first name of Kaohsiung, Takau, means ‘Beating Dog’. The activities of Kaohsiung is the Dream Mall is the largest shopping mail in Taiwan, ride the ferris weel on the roof for a nice view of the city. Visit the Dome of light, this is a public artwork in the Formasa Boulevard MRT Station and the world’s largest stained glass installation. Visit Shoushan, also known as Monkey Mountain, were you could see monkeys all along the mountain looking for snacks.






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